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 Frederick Ballet 

North Beach, NJ

Represented by:

Avra Art Gallery, Margate City


Barsky Gallery (3 locations in Hoboken

& Westfield)

Main Street Gallery, Manasquan


Tumblety - Howell Art Gallery

and Custom Framing, Ocean Grove


Wildflowers Too, Barnegat Light

Media: Digital Photography

and Encaustic Painting

Artist's Statement:

  "The beauty of the natural world has always filled me with an existential fascination. As a young boy I would often go down to the sea, never disappointed in her embrace of peaceful solitude. I now revel in capturing her special moments of equanimity, movement, color, light, power and immortality. In my work I seek to balance realism with abstraction, at times capturing the surreal. My favorite images give the viewer the smallest anchor of realism, leaving the rest to one’s imagination. My goal is to leave you with a meditative sense of beauty, peace, and timelessness.

  Capturing these special moments is particularly relevant in today’s world of climate change with rising sea levels and clean energy windmills threatening pristine views. Who knows how much longer the vistas that inspire us will exist?"

“Great art picks up where nature ends.”

                                              —Marc Chagall

Breaking Wave

Breaking Wave

Jersey Shore Magazine, Spring 2023

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