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 Lois Eder 

Manasquan, NJ

   Compassion, empathy, and encouragement are words that have driven Lois Eder’s life. She always wanted and needed to have a positive impact on others and decided very early on to become a teacher of special needs children. “It has been very gratifying through the years to know that my actions each day gave these sweet children a path to follow as they entered the adult world,” says Eder. Many of her students learned best through the tangible touch and visual stimulation of art projects. It was through their eyes that she was brought back to the artist of her youth, encouraging her to once again develop her own artwork.

   The beach, sun, and the friendly neighborhoods of the Jersey Shore have always been an inspiration for Eder's work. She loves portraiture, beach scenes, and most recently is obsessed with beach balls and aquatic life. For Eder, every art medium is a joy to use, but she uses oils and acrylics as main source material.

Beach Ball by the Sea

Beach Ball by the Sea

Jersey Shore Vacation Magazine, Summer 2022

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