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 Anne Ferrie 

Brick, NJ 


   Originally from Staten Island, Anne is known for her posters of the St. Patrick's Day parade, the World Trade Center scene of New York skyline and for many commissioned home portraits in watercolor. She has attended workshops and classes with well known artists in New York and New Jersey.

   Living in Brick, New Jersey, she enjoys plein air painting in Cape May, and in past years off the Coast of Maine, street scenes of London and in France in Monet's Garden. 

   Her oil paintings include landscapes, still life, portraits, architecture of buildings and churches, including the Golden Dome of the University of Notre Dame. She also enjoys creating her own interpretations of famous works by Vermeer, Van Gogh and other Masters. 

   Anne has won Awards in many indoor
and outdoor art shows where she has exhibited and sold much of her work. Many commissions come from people who have discovered her beautiful home portraits. 

   Wherever she and her husband travel, she will have her paint brush in hand to capture a scene, a lighthouse, or a glorious sunset. 

Ready, Set, Surf!

Ready, Set, Surf!

Jersey Shore Vacation Magazine, Summer 2021

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